Tower of Fantasy gifts

Gifts are mainly objects that you can give your simulacram to arouse them. In addition, gifts also allow you to unlock other awards, such as avatars and unique features for the simulars that you gave. In this leadership, we will explain how to get gifts at Tower of Fantasy and the best gifts for each character to get the maximum number of awakening points.

how to get gifts

The first thing you need before presenting gifts to your simularu is to get a gift itself.

There are three main ways to receive gifts. The first is the easiest: you buy them from different sellers in the game. You get a lot of money as you pass the game, and you can use it to buy gifts from any seller you want.

Next, you can spend training points in a point of glasses to buy gifts. You get training glasses by visiting training centers and performing various tasks. You get several daily tasks and you can perform them to get training glasses, which can then be spent in points stores.

Finally, you can spend crystal dust on the purchase of gifts. To do this, you need to go to the shopping dust store. You get daily tasks that require you to spend the survivability. The implementation of these daily tasks rewards you with crystal dust, the only currency for the crystal dust store.

These are all the main ways to buy gifts. In addition, you will find a seller who appears only once a week in Banges. You can also visit a seller named Claude to buy gifts.

Claude has more rare versions of gifts, which are also sold at a much higher price. If you want to buy something from Claude, do not forget to accumulate.

The best gifts for each character in Tower of Fantasy

Each of your simulacrars has preferences regarding what gifts they like, and each simulacra has levels of gifts that will give them higher waking glasses, the higher the gift level that you give them.

Gift name The character is suitable for Awakening glasses
Aida Comic Raven, echo +80
Angela ornament Huma. Pepper, Nemes +80
Crown token King +80
Limited figure Tata Crowe, Hilda +80


New Game Console | zero, echo | +80 Plush toy | Tsubas | +80 Silver dishes | Shiro | +80 Snowball | Bai ling | +80 Figure of the angel of emptiness | Tsubas | +80 Warren Fossil | King, Meril, Shirou, Bai Lin | +80